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I Salute the Zimbabweans for the Action They Took That Made Mnangagwa Reverse His Decision - OPINION

The Government of Zimbabwe has reversed its decision to remove the Chilonga community, from their ancestral land for Dendairy

It shows the power of pushing back against tyrannical and INJUST decisions, and the importance of a proactive opposition party after MDCA got involved instead of being bystanders as they sometimes do

This is what we will be hoping to achieve. Don’t expect others to free you from tyranny and corrupt rule whilst you eat popcorn

Doing so will create another generation of a dictatorship that will tell you that “we fought against ZANUPF to free you. However land was taken in terms of SI 51 of 2021. That has not been repealed yet. So Chilonga land still needs to be returned

The Government must repeal SI 51 that was made in terms of section 6(1)b of the Communal Land Act. So the story is not over yet, this repeal relates only to usage!

But the taking away of the land which was done by Mnangagwa in Statutory Instrument51, has not been repealed. So the people of Chilonga are still going to lose their land unless Statutory Instrument 51 is also repealed

But again i think, they are only doing this because elections are on the corner, come after 2023 you will see, mark my words

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