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Are we really safe as a country under SANDF?

Just like any other country, South Africa has its own defense force. In short some people just call it SANDF which stands for South African National Defense Force. It is also viewed as the last line of defense in the country which comes after the SAPS (South African Police Service). This means that most citizens in the country base their safety on the quality and hard-work of the defense force.

screenshot credit: Facebook

In the one of the most recently trending videos, the SANDF members or workers were seen doing their drills on an open field. Something that caught people's attention is how the drills were done and some of the equipmets which were used to perform the drills. Some of the equipment that were used include teargas and a taxi which was parked on the field. People may ask themselves how this drill is related to real life war that the whole defense force might come across where they'll have to defend the country.

Another scene that was capture in the video was a man who was showing his skills of using a parachute and landing with it in case of emergency. However the landing maneuver did not go as planned because the man crashed onto a pole as he was landing. The medical team and specialists came around him to help him immediately. This raised more questions because we expect the SANDF to know all their drills perfectly without any failure. We expect them to be perfect before inviting people to come watch and take videos.

screenshot credit: Facebook

screenshot: Facebook

Most of the social media users who commented on this post said expressed how much of an embarrassment this video is. "Chaka Hlatshwayo" sugested that this video must not be seen by other countries because they can develop some disrespect towards the South African Military. More and more comments followed regarding this video and of them are emphasizing the humor in the video.

screenshot credit: Facebook

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