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RET Bigwig Withdraws From ANC Chairperson Race in NW, See Why

Supra Mahumapelo, a major player in the RET, has decided to drop out of the contest for North West Provincial Chairperson at the last minute.

The RET comrades' candidate, Mahumapelo, has withdrawn from the campaign after being approached by branches that wish to nominate him for a national position.

To compete with Cyril Ramaphosa's group at the conference, RET members have agreed to back Nono Maloyi.

"Reasons have been explained to me for why I won't be standing. While some factions are urging don't stand here so we can nominate you for nationals, others are saying the opposite. If you take a stand here and then take another for nationals, it looks like you're only interested in power "To quote Mahumapelo:

He explains that he deliberated over this plan for some time, keeping in mind that he needs to maintain a strong leadership position inside the ANC and not alienate any of its constituent groups.

"I deliberated long and hard before endorsing any one of the two standing comrades. I was approached by a member of the team that backs comrade Nono, as well as a representative from the young league, and I immediately agreed that we would back him ""It's a great day," Mahumapelo remarked.

Carl Niehaus, a staunch supporter of the RET, recently resorted to social media to argue that letting Nono Maloyi run for provincial chairperson would be a mockery of the stand aside criteria.

Carl Niehaus claims that Nono Maloyi is ineligible to run for office because of the party's step aside criteria due to his culpable murder indictment. Nonetheless, Supra Mahumapelo has promised to endorse Maloyi, and it appears that his North West allies don't see anything wrong with him running.

Others saw Supra Mahumapelo's decision to get out of the contest as deliberate, while some say he was mislead into doing so.


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