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Opinion - They hated Zuma. We are still suffering and will suffer more.

“May we never forget the moment of entrenching white power through black faces in our country. Its going to take decades to undo the damage.

We must start now! White political power has been normalised. They went right wing at the moment Zuma went Left."

OPINION - The obsession with Zuma by the AfriForum, DA and the Helen Suzman Foundations of this world is deliberate and calculated. It is useful distraction that serves to divert black people from having to deal with the legacy of apartheid.

The persecution of black people who dare to challenge the status quo is par for the course.

Not so long ago public lynching of black people was an daily entertainment for the masters. Enlisting the services of other black people to the service of the master is what the colonialist and their beneficiaries have perfected, writes Professor Sipho Seepe.

Lastly I hate these people and what they put us through all because they hated Zuma. We are still suffering and will suffer more.

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