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Presidency Champions Fight Against Corruption In South Africa

South Africa's president is on solid ground in the fight against corruption, but incumbents who lose seats if prosecuted have vacancies. Public anger over alleged government contracts worth $900 million to buy stocks to fight COVID-19 has brought the South African government closer than ever to taking decisive steps against corruption, experts say. The Presidency took note of media reports on the Afrobarometer survey on public perception of corruption in society in which a majority of respondents felt that corruption in the last year had worsened. Undoubtedly, the results of the survey reflect the lived experience of many South Africans who continue to face corruption in various forms.    Show Source Texts

While more must be done to combat corruption of all kinds and its impact on people's lives, there is clear evidence that after years of impunity, progress has been made in bringing the responsible to justice. Real progress has also been made in strengthening the anti-corruption institutions and other public institutions damaged by corruption.    Show Source Texts

The World Cup and the role of President have been involved in a number of diplomatic initiatives to raise awareness and awareness among the international community of the bad consequences of corruption and collective strategies to combat it. Other development partners of the AU Commission have developed a joint programme for the continental application of anti-corruption issues to member states.    Show Source Texts

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken has created the International Anticorruption Champion Award to recognize individuals who demonstrate leadership, courage and influence in preventing, detecting and combating corruption to demonstrate our continued commitment to this issue. As commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone (ACC) Francis Ben Kaifala demonstrated strong leadership in implementing a comprehensive anti-corruption strategy that has led to the investigation, prosecution and conviction of officials of the current government of the Sierra Leone People's Party and the previous government led by the People's Congress. Work is also underway to strengthen law enforcement agencies, and several high-profile cases of alleged corruption are brought to justice across the country.    Show Source Texts

In general, the US has used the international anti-corruption system for the past 40 years. President Obama has repeatedly sought to regulate the political lobbying system and sought to extend the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act anti-bribery principles to OECD member and G20 countries.    Show Source Texts

Trump's election came at a time when powerful forces in developing countries such as Brazil, India, and South Africa have recognized the need to address corruption as a threat to nation-states. African leaders on Tuesday praised President Muhammadu Buhari as a champion of the fight against corruption in the African Union. Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama, summing up the 29th regular session of the assembly in Addis Ababa, told news agencies that Nigeria supports the recognition of the commitment of the Buhari government and the success in fighting corruption in Nigeria.    Show Source Texts

On June 14, 2005, president Thabo Mbeki dismissed former President Zuma from his post as Vice-President on corruption and fraud charges relating to a $5 billion arms deal with the South African government in 1999. Zuma was invited by South Africa's new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, for his first State of the Union address, but former South African presidents FW de Klerk and Mbeki did not attend.    Show Source Texts

Many international observers welcomed this as a clear sign that the South African government is committed to eradicating corruption within its own ranks. However, the exercise was overshadowed by several loopholes and collusions — which were covered to help the ANC consolidate its power — including an entangled deputy president, Jacob Zuma52. This was the first major series of transactions tainted by corruption. The election of Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC president in December 2017 and the election as president of South Africa in February 2018 following Zuma's resignation signalled that a large part of society, including the ANC, remains committed to building a prosperous, inclusive and constitutional democracy.    Show Source Texts

South Africa's national development plan, drawn up during Zuma's early term in 2012, recommended reforms in appointment of senior bureaucrats, introduced more independent controls over the selection process and reduced scope of political manipulation.    Show Source Texts

A high-level panel was set up on state security agencies to rebuild and restore the integrity of intelligence services and made several recommendations to end corruption and policing. The Health Sector Anti-Corruption Forum was created as a multi-stakeholder body to investigate, investigate and prosecute corruption in the health sector. Juan Francisco Sandoval Alfaro, the office of corruption and impunity in Guatemala's chief prosecutor, was instrumental in the investigation and conviction of the former president Alfonso Portillo and two ministers for money laundering and embezzlement of 15 million dollars.    Show Source Texts

In his final move, on May 5 Nelson Mandela secured the suspension of his nemesis Ace Magashule as General Secretary of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) after his arrest last year on allegations of fraud, corruption and money laundering. The Constitutional Court, the nation's highest judicial body, last month sentenced Jacob Zuma, South Africa's former president, to prison and found him guilty of contempt for failing to appear before a commission investigating corruption allegations that overshadowed his 2009-2018 term as head of state. On February 3, a court issued an arrest warrant for former President Zuma over corruption charges.    Show Source Texts

The close and corrupt relationship with the Gupta family has been a major source of discontent among Zuma's own party, the 166-ANC and the South African public.    Show Source Texts

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