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The art of campaigning that will really get the DA some good votes, their campaign manager is good.

It is during that time of elections where each and every campaigning party would spin any story to get votes, they say practically anything just to get the vote to rule the country again. It seems DA tactics are being criticized and a lpt of people believe its for a good reason that's why they are angry with the poster's posted on the electricity woods.

The posters angered a lot of people that even some said that the Democratic Alliance doesn't care about Black's and it never did, do ypu believe such?. The people around the South Africa believe that DA is for the white and if they ever bring it to power its just the start of racism as from the comments that were wrotten from the twotter social media platform after this posters were posted.

The ANC called you Racists, The DA calls you Heroes this is what the posters were written and its about the looting massacre that occured at Phoenix that led tp a lot of lives lost. This was when some people took the law into their hands and dealt with looters as they saw fit so the DA is congratulating them and giving them credits for the hard work.

People believe that DA is just an opportunist party that does as it fits at any time just to win votes at the time being at the comments section but others understand that even if its an opportunist their campaign manager is good. He/She is very good to focus on a specific number of people just to get votes because the people who consider themselves heroes now we find safe haven in the hands of the DA. The campaigning is all about business to get votes and as for the DA their advertising skills are screaming a lot of good things for the Phoenix massacre they surely know how to take the spotlight.

After that piece of posters were posted here is the screenshot of the comments that came after the poster was posted take a look.

Source :Twitter social media

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