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RET Bigwig Withdraws From ANC Chairperson Race in NW, See Why


RET heavyweight, Supra Mahumapelo has pulled out of the race for the position of North West Provincial Chairperson at the last minute.

Mahumapelo who was being touted by RET comrades as their candidate announced that he was withdrawing from the race because he had been approached by branches who want to nominate him for national position instead.

The agreement now is that Nono Maloyi will be the one RET comrades must support at the conference to contest against Cyril Ramaphosa's faction.

"I understand why I'm not going to stand. At the same time, there are other branches who are saying don't stand here so we can nominate you for nationals. If you stand here and then you stand again for nationals, you appear like a person who is just after positions," Mahumapelo said.

He adds that he sat down and thought about this proposal carefully taking into consideration that as a leader he need to position himself very well, and not go against branches of the ANC.

"So I thought carefully, and when I was approached to support either of the comrades that are standing here. The team that supports comrade Nono approached me, and the youth league also, so I said we will support him," said Mahumapelo.

Recently, RET champion Carl Niehaus took to social media to state that if Nono Maloyi is allowed to contest for the position of provincial chairperson, then it will be a mockery of the step aside guidelines.

Nono Maloyi is charged with culpable homicide, and Carl Niehaus argues that according to the party's step aside guidelines, he doesn't qualify to contest. It however seem that North West comrades don't see anything wrong with Maloyi contesting, and Supra Mahumapelo has vowed to back him.

While some argue that Supra Mahumapelo might have been misled to pull out of the race, others believe that this is strategic move that he has taken.

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