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John Steenhuisen Hits Out At Cyril For Sinking The ANC

It's been a lifelong goal of the DA to bring the ANC's share of the vote below 50%, because we recognized very early in our democracy that South Africa would never prosper under the ANC's rule. The Democratic Alliance has halted its decline and has emerged as the only national party to grow in this election. Exceptional use of y-axis fudging to misrepresent the data, and if local elections are about seats in local government, how would this year's results turn out?

If the EFF is considered to have reached its maximum potential, what was the period from 2016 to 2020 known as internally? Were you hit in the head with an acme anvil or something? It is disingenuous to assert that the DA's leadership grew during this election cycle. It's necessary to compare apples to apples. In the previous Local Government Election (LGE) in 2016, the DA received nearly 27 percent of the vote. They suffered a crushing defeat, and while they may have performed marginally better than in the general election, this does not indicate that they have matured.

It is, in fact, an insult to SAns to present them with a distorted picture based on selective information. This is how South African history was written: you literally present what you want to present, rather than what is true in reality. I believe that if Gogo Zille had stayed off Twitter and Facebook for two years, the Democratic Party would have lost fewer municipalities and Wards. Because of a decline in their own support, the DA was able to bring the ANC's support below 50%. So it's possible that the ANC will cease to exist if they simply disband.

I believe that political parties should concentrate on serving their constituents; the results will speak for themselves, and you will not have to worry about the opposition. People will simply follow in the footsteps of those who have done good work.

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