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As Early As 2017 I Warned About These Zama Zamas — Mashaba Recalled SA Concerning His Previous Words


Herman Mashaba earlier today informed South Africans of his previous warnings concerning the current zama zama crisis battled in South Africa. With regard to a tweet, he said. “As early as 2017, I warned about these Zama Zamas.” Herman Mashaba is known for his critical and severe stance or actions against illegal or undocumented migration. He has previously been using his Twitter handle to ensure that the African National Congress (ANC) which is his party, see reasons to eliminate undocumented migration in the country. He has also encouraged South Africans who were on the streets of South Africa, to protest against illegal migrants.

Regarding a previous tweet released by Herman Mashaba in the year 2019, he stated that he had warned the government concerning zama zamas. He informed them of how the zama zamas are destroying the infrastructure of the country. The tweet states. “This is another consequence of the collapse of the Rule of Law in the country. These Zama Zamas are not just robbing us of our scarce resources, they are also destroying our infrastructure. I have been sending warnings to National government for the last 2 years.” He also informed South Africans that the zama zamas should be treated as terrorist. “In my life and personal assessment, the Zama Zamas are terrorists and should be treated as such.”

Herman Mashaba has used his influence in the government to secure the peace of South Africans. He has tried all that he could possibly do to help South Africans believe that their country can be better. While doing all this, he is being attacked by his fellow party members (the ANC), and also be tagged a xenophobe. Despite all this, South Africans are still accusing him of not working out plans against illegality while he was chanced. Herman Mashaba might definitely be the best president South Will ever have, since he puts the interest of South Africans in all he does. Practically, his concern for the well-being of South Africans has been existing for years.

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