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Fox in sheep's cloth| Women shouts viva ANC at EFF campaign, see what happened. Click to read.

The country is fighting corruption left and right. Our government is our biggest rival and political parties are not honest. They seek power and money, they don't care about the status of our communities. Campaigns are all over the country and some leaders are hiding under political parties that are most likely to win elections. ANC hiding under EFF, this women's tongue got caught. See video below.

Municipal elections are quickly approaching, and political groups have been campaigning around the country. The largest and most popular parties are the ANC, DA, and EFF. People are just confused about which political party to vote for in their areas as empty promises float through the air. For many years communities have been crying about the underdevelopment in their areas. At some point they even resort to violent protest to fight for the corruption and looting of funds that are meant to improve the lively hoods of their areas. ANC just comes when elections are near, giving people T-shirt and eating the money when they get power.

Many people are looking to the EFF for a better change after the ANC disappointed them. As a result, numerous ANC figures have defected to the EFF, including EFF leader Julius Malema. This video of a woman chanting Viva ANC during an EFF rally made people chuckle, but it also made them ponder if individuals are truly interested in altering the status quo in their communities or if they are simply looking for power. They are joining political parties that are most likely to win but when they get power they change to ANC. Do you think that people are going to vote and if they vote, which party is most likely to win. Do you believe that EFF can make a difference?

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