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Trouble For Ramaphosa As ANC In Limpopo Denies Support For His Second Term

Date: 16/02/22



It was just a few days ago when the premiere of the Limpopo province said that Cyril Ramaphosa had their full support for his second term as the president of the party. This is something that made headlines when it was said because everyone was shocked that such a big decision was already made by the provincial branch of the African National congress. The chairperson of the Limpopo branch has come out and spilt the beans about what exactly transpired for that statement to be said.


The following is what is reported by Sowetan Live:

"The ANC’s Limpopo secretary Soviet Lekganyane has hit out at premier Stan Mathabatha saying it was “preposterous” for him to use the party’s January 8 celebration stage to lobby for party president Cyril Ramaphosa to serve a second term."

It seems like there was a huge misunderstanding between the African National Congress branch in the Limpopo province and the premier. He seems to be alone in the support for Ramaphosa second term in presidency as it is revealed that the party has a whole did not come to a conclusion of whether they will agree to support him or not.


Now the country of South Africa has been shaken once again as it seems like the African National Congress is fighting with in it's only structure. Such things should not have been said so prematurely because it makes the party look so unorganised.

More needs to be decided in time and discuss with all the members before letting someone speak on such big matters. This discovery , however, has weekend the chances of Ramaphosa winning his second term. It also shows the divide that is currently happening within the party.

What is your take on the matter?

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