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Only Two Politicians Should Be Respected In SA. See Who They Are | Opinion

In South Africa, the political system has completely broken down. The fact that politicians constantly bicker and can't find common ground to better serve the public is a key source of political instability.

There are still leaders worthy of our respect, even if they, like Julius Malema, promote free borders despite the fact that this is one of many things South Africans are against. These elected officials have proven time and again that they put the needs of their constituents first.

First, let me introduce you to Gayton Mckenzie. Mckenzie has been bragging about his contributions to the Central Karoo on social media. He thinks he has an obligation to see that the needs of the locals are satisfied in his capacity as mayor. Several successful new construction projects, such as a garment factory and bakery, have created new possibilities for local inhabitants just as Gayton was elected mayor. On the bright side, he is only spending money that he earns as Mayor on this. Follow @GaytonMcK on Twitter to see examples of artist Gayton Mckenzie's work.

Chrysanthos Pappas, the mayor, would be a logical choice for the position of vice mayor. This manager's performance has been on par with that of Gayton Mckenzie. There has been road rehabilitation in Mgeni Municipality, and he is always looking for ways to better the lives of his residents.

When compared to the ANC and the EFF, who had done nothing but make promises and hold rallies, the work done to create jobs and make communities liveable for their people was clear. Thus, the people of South Africa should lavishly reward these leaders with their support.


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