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“Why do south Africans call us Makula” a Somalia local shop owner complains

“Why do south Africans call us Makula” a somalin local shop owner complains

Somalians are people that have migrated into south African, in large numbers usually they own local shops at the different areas, usually there are hard working group of people, and they, make money in an honest living by selling product to south Africans and owning food shop, however they are various scandals that involve somalin’s and Ethiopians, and their alleged to sell fake food product that are either expired and they renew it and resell it again, or food that are not fit for the community.

But we can all agree that these group of people are one of the nicest people, and even if we don’t have enough money to buy their product, they usually come through for us, and do give us their product either at a half price, and usually many people use English to communicate with these group of people, although the English is bad, one thing about these people they always willing to learn our African languages, but one of the shop owner took to social media to complain that south Africans call them Makula, usually referring to the term used to call Indians.

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