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Skeem saam is obviously showing us that a few businesses are as yet overwhelmed by whites and when they see an individual of color among them they act a specific way since they feel compromised. Koloi ought to be glad for following his fantasy and vocation way despite the fact that very few individuals of color are in that profession way. That show was precious. I was so contacted. He nailed it. I miss Lesholosholo coincidentally. I cried he made me enthusiastic, he was super. 

I so wish he can win this opposition so these white folks can deal with him like an individual next time. I was dazzled disgrace, But I got terrified when that white woman was beginning to have mentality towards him. I dont figure he will get the success. Those were so envious, they ddnt even give him a discussion after show, yet he did well disgrace. 

Mzansi should awaken and see that South Africa is as yet possessed by whites and dark presidents are only there to behave like they are in control. I wish Koloi to win this opposition. There are horrible odds that he would win cause we perceived how disrupted the whites were when Koloi was introducing. Skeem Saam is up until now, no they are the best foamy in SA. They ought to be the most seen lathery in SA. 

At the point when he was requesting that water drink I was concerned reasoning that myb he will frustrate us so wow his show was lit. We as a whole know skeem saam is attempting to move the Leshole battling part on koloi, they are going to exhaust us. 

Separation is still out there, the white individuals do that I realize it was the soapie however once in a while it doesn't feel like it like the manner in which they looked to koloi. To me it causes me to feel like we not sufficient for anything great but rather actually we here and we being seen and we remaining and they should since we going no place.

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