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"Will the ZANUPF be contesting for elections in SA?" | Mzansi react safter the ZANUPF did this in SA

As we all know that South Africans has developed an intense hatred towards Zimbabwean internationals so this case never seem to stop as day in and day out South Africans will be urging Ramaphosa to send Zimbabweans home however now they have taken matters to their owns hands but seems like their efforts aren't paying at all.

Some couple of days ago there was a trending video of the ZANUPF members applauding Ramaphosa after launching their new branch in polokwane which left many South Africans with many unanswered questions. However South Africans got more confused and annoyed after the ZANUPF mentioned that they also have another branch in Kempton Park and also building another 1 in Durban.

It seems like what South Africans are saying about Zimbabweans doesn't get through the heads of the ZANUPF members because Mzansi wants all Zimbabweans out of the country and they are building branches meaning that they are here to stay.

A lot were so angry and confused at the same time after watching that video and others were asking if the ZANUPF will be counted as one of the South African political parties since they are building branches and if they will be taking part in upcoming elections. Many South Africans felt disrespected by Ramaphosa and the ZANUPF because they were busy campaigning with the aim of sending all Zimbabweans home.

“Will the ZANUPF be contesting for elections in SA in South Africa? , my suspicions are telling me that just like our EFF branches in other African countries,” a Twitter reacts.

The user was backed by many people in the comment section as they fear that the ZANUPF will be contesting for elections which means the very same Zimbabweans they are trying to get rid of will be fully documented South African citizens and take their jobs again.

See how people reacted to this tweet below :


I don't think that the ZANUPF will ever contest in South Africa because they know very well that South Africans won't allow that, and if they ever do, there will be a huge riot in South Africa.


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