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Chaos At Bara Taxi Rank As Diepkloof Residents Destroy Stalls Onwed By Foreign Nationals

If ever there is an African country that has more foreigners than any other country in this continent, it has to be South Africa, some of them are in the country illegally and undocument, they keep committing crimes left right and centre, citizens live in fear in may towns and cities because of these people, some have good intentions, they are in the country legally and they have the required documents they also make an honest living through working or selling stuff on the streets, the lucky ones have managed to get shops and doing businesses all around the country.

Resident of Diepkloof in Soweto have heard enough with foreign nationals, they have reportedly been asking the government to intervene when it comes to foreign nationals who are at the numbers at Bara Taxi rank, but it is reported that the government has been turning a blind eye to the situation, now things have gotten out of hand, the residents have decided to chase the foreign nationals themselves and this might spark Xebophobic attack, something that we dont really need at this moment.

Reports emerging from Soweto suggests that there were chaos at the Bara Taxi Rank on Sunday afternoon, the resident of Diepkloof chasing the foreign nationals who are street vendors and doing their businesses at that place, stalls and stocks were destroyed.

On the video that is making it's rounds on social media, the residents are seen throwing some of the stock into the fire that they had started, they also destroyed the stalls, you could see the material they used to build the stalls scattered everywhere while they kept throwing more stuff into the fire while some watch.

This tension might end up in some people losing their lives if the government does not intervene on this matter soon, Xeneophobic attack never end well and they need to stop this before it escalates and spread all over the country.


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