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Here are the secret to Conquer all your enemies

Today we are living with many enemies, some are the poeple we call them family and Friends. Today am here to help all of you guys to defeat all your enemies.

Today witches and wizards are everywhere looking for whom to destroy and I want to tell you things you have to know, so that you can destroy them when they cross your path.

Palm fruits.

● Palm fruits are the best to defeat all your enemies.

● If someone has poisoned you just pick one of the palm fruits oil and drink you will vomit all out inside your body.

● A defense palm fruit or even the oil works as its name because any time you have encounter with an evil or witches and wizards, just pick up one defense palm fruit and say all your wish. Then throw it to the witches and wizards and their power will become powerless.


● If you are the traveler just use cocoyam it will help you to block any evil actions against your way.

Cocoyam will help you to hold the witches captive when ever they crosses your path.

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