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ANC asked Cde Tony to apologize for saying the truth, see what SA says

As We Wait For @MYANC To Ask Cde Tony To Apologize For Speaking Absolute Facts!!!

We Are 100% Behind Your Leadership, I've been saying this and I will continue to say it, you are no.1 supporter of @CyrilRamaphosa the reason I say this is that I've never heard so vocal during your papa's term but lately u so loud and you not helping your dad's faction with anything, She did not even have Twitter Account during Daddy's Presidency, she did not even want to hear what Twitter people think of Daddy. Those were days of Milk and Honey 

Only joined in 2019 when Law is starting to take its course on State Looters to defend them State Looters, You can't always group the transgressed to benefit your formation of faction. You think South Africa we're up research methodology as if up father is the owner of everyone. Your father will be stripped of everything because of you. Those assets in Dubai will be attached soon. All your tweets sounds more like you wanted your father to rule forever, he tried to be a dictator but failed, lets move on. Zuma's kraal era is over, no more coming back. Gone! Banks are knocking on his doors' corruption money bag is gone. If I could take R10 of your pocket money for every stupid tweet you post, matters arising from the previous minutes. 

Step aside will be amended and tailor made to make Cde TY to step aside. He was very conservative with the truth when he got a free Mercedes. Leadership is won at elective conferences. Not on these streets. Your turn is passed, so just shut up, The truth cannot be silent. Even when they burn us, our ashes will speak for us. These so-called righteous judges will be judged by the generations to come. The prefixes on their names have numbed their souls. They speak with deep demonic voices ; with faces darker than coal. 


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