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The DA will take this action against the EFF.

The economic freedom fighters joined forces with the DA on coalition government but it looks like thing's are taking a turn for the two parties, the economic freedom fighters says that they will never allow Johannesburg to be The hub of the whites.

The economic freedom fighters will definitely take measures to make sure that majority of the black people are also in leadership.

It is unfortunate that majority of the DA leader's are white and it looks like most of the black people in the DA are struggling to keep up with the party.

The democratic alliance says that they will be taking steps to lay charges against the economic freedom fighters for disrupting the chamber's of Johannesburg which was key to discuss the improvements of the city of Johannesburg.

Johannesburg chambers was not peaceful with the economic freedom fighters in the chamber's, the economic freedom fighters promised to the majority of the black people that they will never tolerate the attitude of the democratic alliance.

Service delivery is one of the key issues for the city of Johannesburg, many things have been affected, the democratic alliance promised to fix the mess of the city but it doesn't look like it will be a peaceful ride for the looks like the fight is not over yet even though the economic freedom fighters decided to be in coalition government with thryou democratic alliance more is expected to happen.

It looks like the future of coalition government's will be uncertain in south Africa, parties are not have a peaceful government these will definitely affect The nature of coalition government's.

It is unfortunate for the voters, The economic freedom fighters will never give The DA a peaceful ride, it is definitely a fact that the democratic alliance thinks that they are now in charge.

The African national congress on other side pushes for a renewal of the party to be able to have new leadership and new ideas to be able to progress much better than before.on the other hand the economic freedom fighters wants to take power from the African national congress.

According to my view South Africa needs parties to work together and not to challenge each other, working together Will make things to be more easy to build a better south Africa for all.

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