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SA attack Mbeki for saying, he urges SA not to allow state capture to happen again, see reactions

Mbeki urges South Africans not to allow state capture to happen again. Mr Mbeki do you know the man on your left hand side of you. It seems as Guptaz but bekoz of Mbeki being string and discipline, they didn't get the chance of capture ring him, do your research well. These Gupta had national deals during Mbeki. Our departments used Sahara computers supplied by them. They did corrupt deals or normal procedural deals? 

My understanding is every business person has a right to bid for any business opportunity that is available, it becomes problematic when they ar corrupt dealings, Does Mbeki know about @Glencore and #PhalaPhalaFarmGate or does he think we are stupid? That is the real state capture, happening, The only way to avoid state capture in the future is to keep the ANC, EFF and their associates away from the corridors and levers of power. Leave the rest of South Africa out of it. Even the very State Capture that he is talking about, he was part and parcel. Why can't they just tell it straighten that it was a Zuma capture instead of talking nonsense by referring to something that has never happened, But it’s happening right now in front of his 80 yr eyes can’t he see clearly now. Let's sit down SA, no more load shedding, no more corruption, no more ANC, no more Cyril Ramabuffalo, no more crime let's make them our past and live in peace in our future, He's correct we must fight this real state capture happening now starting with PhalaPhalaFarmGate.

How did he become a billionaire through his wife if he didn’t capture the state? He must just say the other races must not capture the state, only Whites are allowed to do so. That's what he needs to say. But it's happening right under his nose, it was also happening during his tenure, How can you stop what you don't know, Mbeki must tell South Africans "what is state capture?". Only then will he realize that his comrades are the ones who allowed it. A member of organization behind state capture project urges citizens not allow state capture to happen. Is he saying, “THE PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN?”. That means #dudula is legal and supported, I thought he was going to ask for a thorough report where the proper state capture being investigated from Courts to Parliament to execute members including the banks , hopefully that day will come; otherwise we are following the evidence of PhalaPhalaFarmGate. 


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