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Appointment of Luther Lebelo as Public Protector’s chief of staff was totally above board

The Public Protector's office has protested an examination by Stephen Grootes of the arrangement of Luther Lebelo to that office.

I write in light of Stephen Grootes' article, distributed under the feature "State Capture revival: Luther Lebelo, the man trusted by Tom Moyane and Busisiwe Mkhwebane", in Daily Maverick on Monday, 24 January 2022.

Fundamentally, Grootes disagrees with the Public Protector South Africa's (Ppsa's) arrangement of Luther Lebelo as Chief of Staff and Deputy Public Protector Advocate Kholeka Gcaleka's smooth piece of the fair treatment that went before Lebelo's arrangement in a new meeting with him on SAfm.

Riding on untested cases that the Public Protector, Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane, utilizes the PPSA to "take on political conflicts", Grootes proceeds to reason that Gcaleka is in a similar made-up boat and continues to deliver her ineligible to stand firm on a footing of administration in the workplace - all on a hunch.

I show underneath, that, with deference, Grootes' article is a work of contortion, embellishment, distortion, and material exclusions, all of which establish the sort of lead banned by the Press Code.

Here are the undeniable realities. On 11 October 2021, the PPSA publicized an opening for the place of Chief of Staff following the less than ideal passing of the past holder of the title, Sibusiso Nyembe, the former month. On 17 November 2021, a three-part board involving Mkhwebane (administrator), Gcaleka, and Chief Executive Thandi Sibanyoni sat to meet a waitlist of as many competitors, which included Lebelo. It was just reasonable that Mkhwebane seats the board in light of the fact that ahead of staff runs the leader authority office and reports straightforwardly to her.

Lebelo succeeded and proceeded to start the two-year, fixed agreement position, which joins correspondence capacities, offering chief help to both Mkhwebane and Gcaleka, and being the connections individual between the Public Protector and all specialty units inside the association, on 2 December 2021.

The cycle followed - from promoting the opening to the arrangement - was altogether in accordance with the PPSA enlistment and choice strategy.

Before offering him the position, the PPSA Human Resource Management and Development (HRMD) Unit completed an intensive confirming cycle on Lebelo, autonomously from the meeting board. This involved learning that he doesn't have a criminal record, confirming his scholastic capabilities with the skilled power, and checking in with his past bosses, the latest of which was the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies.

It just so happens, no inquiries were at any point raised when Lebelo climbed the positions of that division to take up, among different jobs, that of boss chief: media, showcasing, and correspondence.

Notwithstanding criminal, capability, and reference checks, the HRMD got from Lebelo and investigated a "common detachment understanding" went into among himself and the South African Revenue Service (SARS) at the hour of his takeoff from the expense authority. The arrangement puts certain the way that SARS didn't excuse Mr. Lebelo, however, headed out in different directions from him agreeably.

"The gatherings have gone into this arrangement with practically no affirmation of risk… the worker recognizes and affirms that the end of work with the business doesn't comprise an excusal by the business," the understanding peruses, to a limited extent. SARS additionally paid him R1.2-million to leave as a component of the "no-issue" settlement.

Current realities above highlight Mr. Grootes' own confirmation in the article that, when he examined Gcaleka about the choice to delegate Lebelo, he was unable to think that she is needing on the vital mark of consistency with the law. "It is critical to take note of that as indicated by the law, Gcaleka is doubtlessly right," he says in his article.

In addition, pitting the job of the Deputy Public Protector against the legitimate prescripts is out of line, low and outlandish.

Grootes' concession clarifies why he attempts incapably to assemble an emotional instance of profound quality and morals against the PPSA. To do as such, he depends intensely on what he concedes are simple "allegations" instead of discoveries, that Lebelo was the "right-hand man of previous SARS official Tom Moyane" and on "what two requests have found with regards to his direct".

The PPSA is just mindful of analysis in the Nugent Commission of Inquiry report that Lebelo mishandled the course of the request when he demanded introducing his affirmation as an observer and having a duplicate thereof transferred on the commission site. The civility was stretched out to numerous different observers.

There was likewise critique about the job he played - as he was qualified for, given his position then as gathering chief for representative relations at the income gatherer - in HR matters including a few previous SARS workers. In addition, there was the view that Lebelo had acquired SARS into notoriety in 2016 when he distributed, in his own ability, an article in which he scrutinized appraisals organizations. He was focused on this by Moyane.

The PPSA has no information on the discoveries of whatever other commission, which are clearly so unfavorable as to have blocked Lebelo from the arrangement. Grootes would do well to reveal insight in such a manner.

If there somehow managed to be legitimate outcomes following the Nugent Commission's comments, we are sure SARS would have carried out those, rather than paying him a singular amount from state money chests.

We are likewise sure that the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies would have been uncovered by a fair media for utilizing him, assuming those comments justified outcomes upon him. It is interesting if Grootes could have liked assuming that the PPSA applied result the board corresponding to what happened at SARS through its enrollment interaction.

Since we have managed current realities, various inquiries wait: Why is Grootes bothered at Gcaleka's expressive enunciation of the PPSA's above-board enlistment processes? The DPP's official job is to help the Public Protector in executing her obligations. This much, the DPP imparted from her absolute first day on the job. Is it safe to say that she is currently being relied upon to settle on the advancement of an outside political plan which she plainly expressed she won't immediate her energies towards?

Refusal on her part to expose the foundation to this currently prompts her to be compromised. Is this not tormenting?

What talk will a showed division of the PPSA administration serves in satisfying the establishment's basic order to be a vanguard of a majority rule, South Africa?

Is it not rather estimable that the PPSA has an initiative that is controlling the command of the organization to the prohibition of all outer elements which look to wreck their concentration from the difficulties confronting the grassroots networks in the nation and reinforce the establishment they lead?

Shockingly, for what reason is Grootes apparently pre-empting parliamentary cycles about the future administration of the PPSA and having all the earmarks of being sending off an untimely mission to influence public feeling in such manner - spontaneously?

Anything that the responses, the PPSA knows not to permit such interruptions. A great deal of work is on our dashboard.

Understudies across the land anticipate the result of the examination concerning foundational issues in the tertiary instruction area which keeps them out of auditoriums, while ladies expect the results of a fundamental examination concerning the gathering they get when they visit the equity framework organizations for security from culprits of orientation based-brutality.

We'd prefer to concentrate there. DM

Oupa Segalwe is representative for the Public Protector.

Appointment of Luther Lebelo as Public Protector’s chief of staff was totally above board (

NB: Daily Maverick stands by Stephen Grootes' examination.

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