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OPINION |What age did you understand the whole thing in politics was once a scam ?see what Ramaphosa promised


We all hear that Ramaphosa promised people that social relief grant will continue till March next year, this is the way of buying you to vote for them, pity their money is nothing what can you buy with 350 ?

I am told that there is no truth in this world and I believed them by disbelieving what they said, because that meant they are also not telling the truth since it is not there. Secondly I disbelieve them because the truth we need is provided. The Bible say what is revealed is for us to know but what is not revealed belong to God (Deuteronomy 29:29). 

We based our judgement only on known truth and leave unknown to God. We do not have capacity to know what is hidden to human therefore such judgement is left to God to make. Truth never avoid people but people avoid the truth. As a result they close their eyes and hide from the truth not to see it till they believe it is not thereFor me I have recognised for it lengthy time. I knew something was once now not right and Michael Jackson tried to warn us many instances through his songs. I always felt that there was once some thing wrong. I constantly had a feeling that I do no longer belong to the crowd. When everyone says something is right. They are usually probable wrong.

I had my suspicions when you consider that I was about 16 however it actually hit me when I was once in my 20’s about 9/11. I was once watching Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy show and he was investigating 9-11 and was once being denied data and I started out following conspiracies extra often and realised that conspiracy theorist is a name given to the people. Who are definitely precise in finding reality and facts.

Since I was a Kid. I didn’t accept as true with nothing coming from any government and Church barring a verified lookup scrutiny. I understand the day analyzing ownership. Learning about offshore financial institution account. Learning that the wealthiest people on earth. All Inherited their billionaires status. They did not work for it.

Around age 30 I used to be analyzing Sartre and going to a Christian church, from Christianity went to Black Hebrews/ Hebrew Israelites, later cross to practice Islam and at some factor I realized I was once divine son I stop religion and started to get deeper and deeper in spirituality. I am now a grown man dwelling fortunately ever on the grounds that I left the religion dogma. I’m a religious man and not religious.

I had a awakening due to the fact that my early twenties, commenced with the news, bad politicians and celebrities. When I was 8yrs old. I hated Santa Clause because I had a feeling that he was once no longer real. My late grandmother uMansele as soon as requested a camera man to take me a picture standing next to Santa Clause but I refused the offer in a best manner. By telling my grandma that I didn’t desire to waste her cash for useless photos. My granny notion I was questioning about her cash and bought my lies.

It began cementing in my 30's when employers solely wanted youthful (more naïve and submissive) workers. I usually felt something used to be off, did not belong, searching for home and now things simply make greater sense. When I noticed the first Gulf hostilities on tv as a child. I knew that American battle was beyond what human beings sees and heard with their own eyes and ears. I knew some thing was now not right. When first lockdown begin with covid 19 editions that changes now and then.

When the world used to be going to end people panic shopping for and new year came and went and nothing happened. But organizations made a lot of cash promoting fear

I began to suppose for myself and observed that the entirety built round me was once a cooked, benefitting solely the human beings that made it, advertised it, marketed it, stored or bought that cooked nonsense and had no interest in eating it themselves.

Around age 36 when I realized and understood the banking system, pastime prices and inventory markets. It used to be the actual eye opener. I’m so comfortable my youngsters have a questioning mind that questions everything. Especially my youngest 10 yr historical son. His attitude is functioning more than many adults I know. He is no longer stuck on superhero weird nonsense. We talk about things like an adult. He is a weirdo like his dad who passed off to be me

The enjoying of hip hop artists like 2PAC, Talib Kweli, Common, Mos Def, Tribe known as Quest and many more mindful rappers truly played their section on my awakening. The story of former President Jacob Zuma being labeled a thief and existing President Cyril Ramaphosa being labeled the Messiah, surely opened my eyes and sees the media hypocrisy and persona assassination of certain people as real and present.

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