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WATCH || Granny is tired of ANC. She tell Ramaphosa in front of his face.

Not only youth tired of ANC, even grannies are tired as well. Watch the video of Grannies telling President Cyril Ramaphosa that all along before election, Cyril was not talking anything with them. But now the elections are around the corner, now ANC Cyril Ramaphosa is showing up to ask the votes.

To watch the video please click the link below =>

First of all before we go deep inside the news, you have to know that as South Africans we owe it upon ourselves to treat each other with utmost dignity and respect on these thorny streets of Twitter especially as we head up to the elections. Municipal elections are very important. Let us go out in numbers to vote for those we want.

Very heart breaking and upsetting, ANC has no intention to change the lives our people, people live and die in poverty. We hate the manipulative emotional talk that goes with making them take.They target rural areas because most people in there have no much of social media platforms to learn the truth about the ANC.

Look what ANC is doing to our grannies, look at this sad picture up there. While Billionaire President Cyril Ramaphosa and his friends can build Koko a decent house. But just because cyril and his friends they look only for their pockets and loot money. They won't see our struggle for black child. They only remember us on election times. Where were they all along, before the elections? No where to be found. They were only focused on President Jacob Zuma and forgot about us.

To watch a video of old granny telling President Cyril Ramaphosa a pure truth. Here is the link:

Anc and their election campaign, we just wish as the unemployed youth graduates of this country, we can just go to the polls in numbers to voice out our frustrations. And vote out ANC, cause ANC is abusing our black people. They don't deliver their promises. What they know is just only stealing money from the poor. And abusing our black people.The sad part is that our granny's and our brothers and sisters they will vote for the African National Corruption on 1 November and on 2 November they will be protesting about service delivery.


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