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OMA - Old Man Africa.

OMA - Old Man Africa

By Vaughan Jones


In the course of writing the book ‘ONE Life - Love - Energy’, I was downcast yet inspired by the plight of the people of Africa and the continent, what they have been through over the colonial years and the situation they find themselves embroiled in since, and at present.

One might not think only of the peoples of the African Continent, but also of the land and all its resources, for example, gold and other minerals, oil, diamonds, and many more. African resources and people have been exploited, what through slavery, foreign governance, power political, socio-political suppression through Apartheid, physical lack, maltreatment, and the like.

Through these empathetic thoughts and my love for the African people, plus having been born and raised in South Africa, where I still dwell, I was inspired to write the following poem. The connected picture of the bushveld and the elephants speaks volumes to me about Africa, thus Old Man Africa.


OMA - Old Man Africa - By Vaughan Jones.

In a state of being, a creature with a heart,

OMA thinks about his life and heritage.

Africa, a continent – the cradle of humankind.

He blissfully recalls the age of natural wonder,

The beauty of the land, fresh air, pure water,

Before being exploited by modern mankind.

Enslavement of Africa’s native peoples,

Centuries of abuse of land and nature,

At the behest of European power-mongers,

Striving to grow their empires and vast rule.


OMA joyfully recalls the European exodus,

Leaving the African states again to be free.

Mandela freeing the South African people,

Uniting Africa in a new union of countries.

OMA bows his head once again and sobs

At the thought of reality and the truth,

That the rulers who withdrew still rule,

Globally, but by economic leverage

And by strategic military dominance,

Destroying nations, people, and resources.


OMA spreads his old hands in declaration,

Resigns himself to the facts, and he promises

To remain endeared to the Spirit of Africa and

To mother nature taking her natural course

Of love and renewal of all that is lost - since,

'What goes around comes around' echoes

Across Africa’s vast natural land and waters.

As if OMA recalls the quote by Booth Tarkington,

“Cherish all your happy moments as

They make a fine cushion for old age”.

Content created and supplied by: VaughanJones (via Opera News )

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