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Parade protest


Zimbabweans had no to right to protest trying to force Home Affairs to renew their permits. OPINION

I must say the timing was a little bit off for those Zimbabweans who mobilized and started marching , protesting that the government must renew their permits or give them permanent residency. Honestly you cannot come to my home and I welcome you and give you hospitality , and then later you turn to make demands that is exactly what those protesters did. They ruined everything for themselves sometimes you have to humble yourself so that others can sympathize with you. Should they have waited a little bit maybe the decision was going to come out in their favour , now they made things difficult for themselves and very soon they will be facing deportation.

Firstly of most it's a privilege that the government gave them permits in the first place , they had no right to protest whatsoever well since this is a democratic country maybe they have the right to protest but the timing was off. The government was to decide whether to renew their permits or not , all they had to do was to plead and humble ask in a diplomatic way rather than protesting. There is no way they can force the hand of the government to hand them permits that is nearly impossible.

I know it is a difficult time people are desperate out there as they say that desperate times calls for desperate measures. Without permits it will be difficult for them to work , drive or open a bank account. I sympathize with those people because i understand that they need those permits to earn a decent living. However in my humble opinion I think they were suppose to plead and not to protest , you certainly cannot come to my house and start making demands I will throw you out. But people see things differently when it comes to social and political issues , but each and every person is entitled to his or her own opinion. This is your platform you can leave a comment below and share your views on this matter.

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