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The ANC and IFP Have Broken all Ties In Kwa Zulu Natal For A Strange Reason

The ANC and IFP Have Broken all Ties In Kwa Zulu Natal Unexpectedly For Strange Reason

Date: 2021/11/27

The African National Congress and Inkatha Freedom Party Have come to a conclusion that they will never work together ever again in Msuduzi municipality, that is because they believe that they can not come to a common understanding when it comes to coalition agreements.

IFP president Velenkosini Hlabisa.

The IFP is a big political party with power all over the country, people respect them for what they do and stand for which is the Zulu wealth and making the country prosper, more especially Kwa Zulu Natal as a province, it has no gold but it has almost the same amount of wealth as Gauteng.

The IFP has more than 6% overall in the National Assembly, they have more than the EFF in the KZN, it shows that their influence does not depend only on advertising they have generational followers who will love them forever no matter what they did.

They were having coalition talks with the ANC and they ended up not coming to an agreement, they went was with the Xhosa tribe when the ANC was only producing presidents in the EC forgetting that there are other tribes that like power. Buthelezi likes forming alliances, he has royal blood so the money does not really excite him that much, he is great forever people will talk about him even when he is gone.

The IFP and ANC were agreeing in many ways when Jacob Zuma become president of South Africa, but the white people did not like him, because he was taking foreign aid from Russia, China, and India which was one of the biggest political deals which made Africans wealthy and made others very poor, so they made sure that they cooked a Public Relations stunt that will make the African hate him.  


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