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OPINION| Zambians Are Asking Their President to Fire All the Remaining Pf Cadres From the Office

Your Excellency, with all due respect there more pressing issues than embassies, issuing passports those people in America are comfortable. You have given pf people to acting in certain positions, we still have so many cadres in the system, occupying positions as diplomats, directors, town clerks etc, the country is a mess and needs a quick clean up. If anything those people at those embassies need to come back, the don't represent Zambia but their own interests, that is why people can't even get passports from embassies, because its full of people's relatives and cadres. Most who don't even qualify for those positions

Their people who have been in public service serving the country diligently for years, only to be answering to new graduates straight from university with no experience, Mr President, get people from the service who can be part of your advisory team, people need equity, fairness and justice in the system. Please get rid of the current crop of commissioners in all systems. The pf cartel needs to disbanded, otherwise we are not going anywhere

Mr President PF Cadres who stole from the citizens during their time, people want new faces not looters again. ACC and DEC they're doing nothing because they're the same people who made Zambia poor" The case for Faith Musonda is not going well, I remember you said corruption cases need to be at fast track. Fire all the remaining PF Cadres in offices, we voted for change and this is not change we voted for, I love you Mr President please tell Hon Gary Nkombo to remove that lady he appointed I thank youThis was good but as much as we appreciate all your efforts of trying to develop Zambia kindly take this as serious advise from some of us.lf you really want to develop this country clean up this pf government. There key institutions that will frustrate you on you way and that are key to bringing sanity like ACC, DEC, FIC which was coming out well but with the lastest reports of being involved in corruption practicesShe has gone quiet, there are also other key institutions that you need to check, remember these appointments of these officers where from Lungu, meaning they were pf cadres appointed in those lines. Mr President, I believe you are aware of the FIC being reported in a scandal and I believe there also issues, about others being hidden under the carpetThere is need to just clean up the system because if not this corruption fight will not work, Zambian people including the pf members that did not benefit in the stealing of people's monies are some of the people giving information on issues of faith musonda and all. But in as much as people are ready to give us this information,they people intrusted to arrest and investigate are connected, to the thieves and their bossesHence people are losing confidence and referring this to mwanawasa's time and how he failed to fight corruption, please fire these people and employ your own that are ready to fight corruption and bring all those involved to book. People can't believe the way Anthony Mwanza and Chungu behaved after being summoned

Even at Bank of Zambia, kindly bring in a governor because with Faith Musonda's case and response people got BoZ are not happy and we believe the pf BoZ governor was printing monies, and from that conversation with Kambwili, that went viral these alot and also these need to audit Bank of Zambia

If you can't handle these issues of bringing such people book, then hire external investigators to help, if the investigators have failed as there is so much evidence and when taking long. Evidence will be destroyed just like the ministry of lands saga that has been reported. Where information is missing on these thieves that have acquired land illegal. Please Mr President this is quiet serious and you need to think through, stay blessed

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