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South Africa Praised For Allowing Foreigners to Also Take The Vaccine

Date: 08/03/20


The country of South Africa announced its vaccination plan 2 months back. This was around the time the virus in the country had reached its maximum high and Cyril Ramaphosa had placed it under alert level 3 of the lockdown. The president together with the health minister of South Africa explained the fact that the vaccine will be for every person who lives in South Africa. They made it clear that foreign nationals would not be excluded from the vaccination once it started.

Now South Africa has been praised by other countries for its ability to try and provide for people who are not from that country. This is because not a lot of countries are doing such a thing. Most countries require foreigners to leave for their home country to vaccinate and come back when they have successfully vaccinated. These praises are well deserved as the whole vaccination program that is put in place is set to vaccinate everyone in the country as equals.

The reason why some countries are not giving out the vaccine to foreign nationals is because of the large sum of government money that was used to buy the vaccine. The money that is used is accumulated through taxes and it is widely known that only South African citizens get to pay tax in the country. All the other ones get to live Tax-free. According to both Dr Zweli Mkhize and Cyril Ramaphosa, the virus is not something to politicise, the issue of foreign nationals is only politics.

Right now the number one priority is making sure that the virus does not kill many people in the country. Leaving foreign nationals without vaccination will only mean that there will be a number of people in the country who will not be vaccinated and that will cause the whole issue of population immunity to take longer than anticipated. South Africa had previously been named the most xenophobic country in Africa after several attacks took place.

This is why the move to vaccinate every other individual in the country surprised many as it goes against the very definition that they have continuously labelled South Africa all this time. At the current moment, the vaccinations are still being administered to the front liners, this includes nurses and doctors and any other person who needs to be at work even if the country would go back to a level 5 of the national lockdown sometime soon.

Some people in the country have not been agreeing with this whole idea of having foreign nationals use the country's vaccine.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think it is right to let foreigners have access to the vaccine for free?

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