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Former EFF Member Allegedly Reveal The Bad Things EFF Members Did To Her When She Left

A former EFF member, Kwena Molekwa revealed the things she passed through when she left the EFF. The lady who is being described as arguably the most xenophobic South African alive said that she was called a nobody when she left the EFF. She declared that after she left the EFF as a nobody, EFF members started mobilizing to fight her, even after they said she is a nobody. Kwena Molekwa who hosted a Twitter space where she attacked Zimbabweans wrote this, “When I left the EFF, some idiots told me I am Nothing! Today the same idiots are coordinating Attacks on WhatsApp groups & going through my old pics to create a smear campaign, I guess I am Someone now! But I always knew I will have the final laughter Ke Mošhia Nna!”. She has been very critical about the Economic Freedom Fighters political party since she left.

The lady may have left the EFF because of the party’s policy regarding immigration control. Whereas the founder of the Economic Freedom Fighters political party, Julius Malema is termed a Pan-African who sees all Africans as one, Kwena is very critical of other Africans which is why she is always calling for the deportation of illegal immigrants, especially Zimbabweans. The Economic Freedom Fighters political party is very lenient to illegal immigrants and Undocumented foreigners and often show sympathy to them, nevertheless, Kwena Molekwa is described as too aggressive and violent when discussing the issues of immigrants, foreigners, and refugees. Her fuzz is mainly against Zimbabweans. She said that she will organize a nationwide March against the move to give Zimbabweans work permits, saying that they must return to their country. This may have been her point of anger and frustration against the EFF. A Twitter user while supporting Kwena said, “A strong woman always get criticism so be strong your journey is full of predators, I like your character since the day I listened to you on Hopewell”.

Another Twitter user commended her for leaving the EFF, saying that the party is a cult in disguise. He wrote," Be easy on them, it's not easy leaving the cult. Some of them will leave one day and never look back once they understand the sinister motives of their leaders in the expense of our country”. 

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