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Former Convict Now Political Party Leader Warns Somalians And Says They Will All Go Home

A few days ago, we saw conflict between Somalis and South Africans taking place in some parts of the Eastern Cape. Images and videos were shared of taxis burning in the streets and Somali nationals walking in the streets armed, as if they were ready for any fight that was about to break out between them and the taxi drivers.

In South Africa, citizens have always been vocal about foreign nationals, especially those who come to the country undocumented and commit crimes that destroy communities as well as the country as a whole. Many South Africans also state that foreign nationals come to their countries to take jobs that are not made available for citizens. This has created a dislike towards foreign nationals and they are also aware of that, so they constantly live in fear and also take the necessary steps to protect themselves. 

The cause of the violence that occurs between taxi drivers and Somalis is still But some shops were set alight by residents and gun shots were heard in the area. Shops again were also looted. Videos circulated on social media, and South Africans were left in shock to see Somalis walking around comfortably in the streets with heavy weaponry.

The President of the patriotic Alliance political party and former convict Gayton Mackenzie reacted to what he saw on social media and this is what he said:

"Somalians will see that we are not the taxi associations or minister of police that they were swearing at, all illegal foreigners will go home, we will take all billions worth of buildings back that they highjacked "

Gayton Mackenzie has always been vocal about illegal foreigners in the country, and it is one of his main focuses in his political party.

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