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The EFF Makes Empty Promises Again

The EFF Makes Promises They Cannot Keep

Date: 2021/10/06

The economic Freedom Fighters has been at the forefront of fixing this country but unfortunately, they've been making promises to the people that they know very well they cannot keep, they promised to build people RDP houses of 6 bedrooms, which is a lie because we do not know where the budget for those kinds of houses is going to come from.

This is just a scheme to get people to vote for the party, as you all know Julius is from the African National Congress, and over there they never mean what they say while he was there, why will he change now people should ask themselves those kinds of questions before they get to the ballots and pick the wrong man for the job.

In these elections they have big billboards in the biggest freeways this country has, they also were the first ones to do a manifesto launch in a big area compared to what the Democratic Alliance and the ANC have already done, which was small because they are trying to reduce the Coronavirus numbers.

Julius Malema can not be trusted, he's cool that he's in Parliament, but he should not have the power to run this country, he does not have the standards that are required, even though he's trying to change his ways but the old him is still in there and he cannot throw him away because he's still an angry man.

His followers should remember that he had a tea party with Jacob Zuma just a few months ago and this is the same man who was screaming Jacob Zuma is a criminal and he belongs in jail so why all of a sudden he supporting him, what kind of money did he get on the side that is not telling the people about the boy has secrets, and his followers should try to find out what is going on with him before they jump in the train that they do not know where it's going.


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