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Hyena In A Sheep Skin|| EFF Member In Gauteng Is Accused Of Selling Land & Beating A Pregnant Lady

Economic Freedom Fighters are accused of selling land and assaulting a pregnant woman.

EFF officials are accused of abuse weeks after the gruesome murder of Hilary Gardee, these so accused officials are said to be from ekurhuleni. EFF has always been vocal about gender based violence. Now it's caucus whip member from ekurhuleni and it's Treasurer in the Regional Command Team Jeremiah Maraba is said to have slapped a woman on her face. Those who witnessed the incident said that the victim was beaten after an argument related to a stand that was sold in Phase 1 and 2 in Makhulung Tembisa.

The same source has in his possession a number of voice notes where the discussion about the land sale was discussed and where the assault took place. He also said that in one of the clips a voice was heard saying that, "the problem was that this person paid for everything from the word go, he paid R550 but there was no proof. The issue was that I signed the invoice, In phase 2 he has been marked as if he received his stand but he is not in Phase 2 but has since been in phase 1 that is the problem, they did not want to understand"

The clips continued to say," So whatever happened in phase 2,whoever was allocating people there, this is on them; they did the corruption I had nothing to do with it. They are blaming me for having signature on the invoice but this person has proof of everything besides having the stand that they said he had it. Jeremiah assaulted me when I said we should all go to phase 2 to find out who took his space." So the clips were being played around and so in another one an EFF member was heard telling the victim that Maraba was sorry for what he did.She said the victim had gone to them for help because she wanted it, otherwise she could have simply gone to the police station and opened a case of assault. The woman went on to say she had been with Maraba the previous day and he was remosful though he did not tell her, and she he was ready to pay for medical costs. She said she wanted unity and want her to stay t the EFF member and not leave as the person in needed in the party.

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