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South Africa will never progress under my ANC government, see what Mashaba has to say

As poor Africans voting for the ANC will never change your situation because it never had, never wanted to, doesn't have & will never have a plan to give Africans financial freedom in SA. ANC didn't want Africans to take positions of Authority in both the private & public sectors but all they ever wanted is to piggyback on WMC business & enrich themselves.

That's y ANC has fired all black executives. who stopped load-shedding under the guise of corruption & hired whites who brought it back. That's why the ANC don't rebuke WMC sponsored CORRUPTION like like CR17.

if they do, being parasites they are they will be putting their host in danger. The Nats priorities after taking power from the British Empire in 1948 was to bring about/establish a 1. Policy: Apartheid to bolster business by exploiting blacks for Blacks.

for cheap labour. 2. Bank/s: (Volkskas) which will provide financial assistance/loans to strengthen business growth mainly in farming. 3. Insurers: Sanlam amongst others to assist businesses by absorbing farming business risks that can be caused by draught, fires, etc.

What's important here, is that they had a plan. You jeorpadising yo life in the ANC, if you come with a plan to better the lives of the poor. When last has anyone heard abt NDP? What we hear are meaningless verbose like "Thumamina, Job summit, Investor summit"etc.

As Africans, we need to look elsewhere if we really want to improve our lives but if we want to stay as we are and promote Western Hegemony which impoverishes us, then let's go for ANC.

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