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Unexpected turn | here's what happened to ANC cabinet Desmond Golding Corruption Allegations

ANC heavyweight in the province, Mike Mabuyakhulu, failed in his bid to fight corruption and money-laundering charges relating to the R300,000 he received in connection with the 2012 North Sea Jazz Festival.

The trial of Mabukhulu and his seven co-defendants was due to resume in February 2019. He was released on R50,000 bail and resumed his political duties in October 2020 on the recommendation of the provincial ANC Integrity Commission.    Show Source Texts

Apart from the R2.8 million paid by the Ministry of Soft Skills and Communication, the state claims that Mabuyakhulu received R300,000 from Maqhoboza trader C.C. Into his personal bank account.

In his affidavit in support of his motion, filed with the Durban Commercial Court, the prosecutor said the charges date back to 2012 and 2013, six and seven years after the investigation began.

However, Mabayakhulu said in his affidavit supporting a motion to lift corruption charges associated with the failed 2012 North Sea Jazz Festival that costs were from 2012 to 2013.    Show Source Texts

Bongani Shezi, the former finance director of the Economic Development and Tourism Department told the court that he was ordered to pay 2.6 million rupees remaining Soft Skills Communications and 100% to CC to arrange the event in the Netherlands.

Deputy provincial chairman Mike Mabuyakhul.The department has also docked 15 people, including their businesses, for allegedly siphoning R28 million from the department.

Accused number one is Desmond Khalid Golding, the department head who ordered Shezi to pay services providers the money after the event was cancelled.    Show Source Texts

Mabuyakhulu faces charges of money laundering and corruption in connection with the payment of R28 million to the 2012 North Sea Jazz Festival in Durban, which was never held.

The indictment relates to allegations that during his tenure at the economic development agency MEC he authorised the payment of money to various accounts for the festival and received a bribe of R300,000.

He was questioned after new allegations emerged as part of an investigation launched in 2012.    Show Source Texts

Mike Mabuyakhulu, the chief organizer of ANC KwaZulu-Natal and his former division head, the Desmond Golding Group of service providers, were arrested for allegedly laundering funds for a jazz festival that never happened.

A National Law Enforcement Agency official confirmed to TimesLive that his Asset Forfeiture Unit ( AFU) was under a firearms protection order and had stormed 16 locations in Durban and Pretoria to protect the assets of ANC heavyweight Mike Mabayakhulu and his associates.

It is alleged that he redirected R2.8 million into the accounts of his seven co-defendants and nine other companies and businessmen during his tenure at the MEC for Economic Development in KwaNatal, from whom he received R300,000 in bribes.    Show Source Texts

Vice-chairman Mike Mabuyakhulu of Kwazulu-Natal and businessman Mabheleni Ntuli of Durban have been named the five main players in the fraud, corruption and money laundering case relating to a failed jazz festival that cost taxpayers R28 million five years ago.

Mabuekhulu, who organized the campaign of ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa at the December Conference in the province, was arrested several years ago in the infamous case of Amigos, along with the accused MEC Peggy Nkonyeni, for allegedly taking one million rands in bribes to the ANC and the Uruguayan businessman Gaston Savoi.

Ntulis and Mabayakhulu are listed as five of the most important players in this matter.   Show Source Texts

The case against the pair was later withdrawn, sparking speculation that it was motivated by the succession struggle in the province of the ANC.

The ANC's political heavyweight in Kwazulu-Natal, Mike Mabuyakhulu, is due to face the Supreme Court in Durban in September.

MabuYakhulu is the chief organizer of the ANC interim committee of KwaZulu-Natal and seven businessmen from the province are expected on Wednesday before the Economic Criminal Court in Durban, where they face charges including money laundering and corruption.    Show Source Texts

The Serious Corruption Investigation Unit of the South African Police (Durban Hawks) in KwaZulu-Natal has arrested six suspects, including former MEC of the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism Michael Mabuyakhulu, 53, and former head of department Desmond Golding, 46, for alleged fraud, corruption and money laundering in breach of the Public Finance Administration Act for an estimated R28 million.

Ntuli and his companies Super Size Investments and 20 CC are listed at number 9 and 10 on the ION list of 16 suspects accused of corruption, money laundering and fraud. His co-defendants and their companies face 77 charges.    Show Source Texts

Ntuli is one of nine defendants and seven companies being accused of money laundering, corruption, theft and fraud and is alleged to have been involved in a plot in 2012 and 2013 to steal R27 million from the ministry of economic development and tourism for a music festival that should have been paid for by the ministry but never took place.

Corruption allegations related to the 2012 North Sea Jazz Festival that failed are related to allegations that during Mabuyakhulu's tenure as MEC he authorized the cost of R28 million through numerous accounts and competitions to pass and receive R300,000 in bribes.    Show Source Texts

At the time of his arrest and indictment on August 22, 2012, Mabuyakhulu was head of the resulting community safety and security branch of Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

Senior police chief James Forbes has been reinstated, ending a bitter period of torment for him and his family after he was indicted, convicted and released on corruption charges at the end of February this year.    Show Source Texts

Forbes was also involved in the alleged destruction of files belonging to businessman Bruce Bicknell. Forbes nevertheless insisted that no such deal had been reached and he did not know that Bickell was charged at the time of the meeting he hosted between the businessman and two police chiefs at his St Andrew's office.    Show Source Texts

When questioned by the defense, the defense asked which information the Hawks investigator, who was asked to clarify information by presiding judge Mahendra Chetty in his affidavit when he requested a search warrant for the golding estate, relied on when he requested a warrant.

The IKG said it would raise the issue with the Interior Ministry by the end of the year in order to obtain further information on the case. As in the Iggio case, the ICSG reported many politically motivated incidents to the ministry last year.    

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