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Heartwarming|| How ActionSA Will Deal With Foreign Nationals And Bring Back Life To Our Inner Cities

On Wednesday, the ActionSA leader has outlined plans on how to deal with illegal foreign nationals and how his party will revive our inner cities.

During his media address, Helman Mashaba was with mayoral candidates in Gauteng, Abel Tau from Tshwane, and Tlhogi Moseki from Ekurhuleni. He said his party's plan to deal with illegal foreign nationals and revive our inner city is based on effective management of immigration, improving access to community safety resources, and creating an inclusive and enabling environment for jobs in our cities for all.

They believe that their plan is founded on a few fundamental considerations. The biggest amongst them is to understand that effective immigration control means cities can seek the level of resources needed from the national government to support all residents within cities. Plus effective action on immigration protects foreign nationals who seek to comply but have been let down by the Department of Home Affairs, and it also protects those who may then fall victim to exploitation because they are outside the system.

ActionSA believe that Mzansi was built by migrants, who came from all walks of life. As a result, history continues to positively contribute to the richness of the country's diversity. Mashaba strongly believes that a large part of the problem with undocumented immigrants in the country's dysfunctional government. Many law-abiding illegal foreign nationals do everything to comply but they're failed by the incompetent and corrupt Department of Home Affairs. This is how action plans to make things happen concerning illegal immigrants and reviving our cities.

1. Conduct inter-governmental operations to improve services to legal foreign nationals. In this, the party will work with the Department of Home Affairs and SAPS to deal with illegal immigrants while making sure that asylum seekers, refugees, and skilled migrants can legally and fully enjoy access to municipal services.

2. The party will deal with illegal immigrants through inter-governmental. They want to make sure that it's easy for skilled foreign nationals to enter our country. They must be protected by law.

3. Data Collection will be used for accurate population growth modeling. That's the only way for SA's municipalities can manage to control the influx of people to big cities.

4. The party will demand that the national government increases grant funding for inner-city developments. Cities can not provide enough services and infrastructure for an ever-increasing government urban population without having enough funds.

5. They will increase investment in local government law enforcement agencies as they play a significant role in maintaining law and order. The party will ensure sufficient investment in local law enforcement agencies' capacity-building intelligence activities and human resource requirements.

6. The actions will reinstate the program of identifying, expropriating, and releasing hijacked and abandoned buildings and factories to the private sector for development, to turn them into productive buildings, where businesses can operate and people can live.

7. They will also make the inner city more liveable by increasing cleaning, refusal removal, sewage, water, and electricity service delivery efforts.

8. The party will work with housing companies to ensure that our residents have access to affordable and dignified housing opportunities in the inner city in addition to the properties released to the private sector. They will make budget available to invest in new infrastructure and to upgrade and maintain existing infrastructure.

9. They will fix the municipal billing system by working closely with National Treasury 's City Support program. They will establish a dedicated business support unit that will be staffed with highly qualified and professional business support staff from various departments.

10. The ActionSA will reform the city's Opportunity Centres so that these facilities provide transformative service to entrepreneurs and SMMEs.

All the above plans will depend on who will the voters choose as their preferred party in the coming local government elections. Even though preliminary statistics say Helman Mashaba will win the City of Johannesburg, voters are the ones to determine.

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