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Damn| Cyril Ramaphosa Could Be Strangely Implicated In SASSA Scandals

Damn| Cyril Ramaphosa Could Be Implicated In SASSA Scandals

Date: 2022/01/26

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been implicated heavily in the allegations of South African Social Security Agency clip audio that was leaked, which almost proves that he has done mistakes in his life that will almost prove the money was misused.

Scopa wants Cyril Ramaphosa to explain his comments on campaign funding.

President Cyril is a good guy, he is able to make decisions that will make him survive in an environment where people think he will crash, the man just won't give up, he is able to extend himself in 1000 different ways, no matter what the media throws at him he will figure a way to throw another bomb back just to prove that he is able to be himself.

It is a damn shame that people could not get their social securities money as they expected, most of the money ended up in the hands of the greedy people who run private companies, who are making sure that the people who are there cannot do anything with their lives rather than to be enslaved in deals that are going to kill them even more if they do not move the right way.

Cash Paymaster Services might have to pay SASSA R1 billion | GroundUp

Corporate is a hard place to be especially if you are just an intern in an agency, that is what our president did, he gave all the power to private institutions who ended up making the kids hate their families because they already expect a lot from them even when times are out of control.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is a good guy, but South Africa could survive better if it was made socialist rather than capitalist, most of these children were raised getting free things, so they do not understand the meaning of hard work to get what you need in life, they expect things to be like NSFAS where things just come to you without any hard work that will prove that you do deserve what is on the table.


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