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South Africans react to Makhadzi performing at an ANC event

When it comes to politics, people can really be heartless. It is election time and we are seeing that happening with politicians being killed all over just because they want to be a mayor or a councilor. This is really getting out of hands and something should be done about it.

Parties are conducting their last rallies as we are now about to vote on the 1 November 2021. We know that at rallies, different artists are being called to sing at the events and that is just about it. Nothing more and nothing less. Just because an artist has been called to perform at a certain event for a certain political party, does not mean that the artist is supporting that party and even if that was the case, there is nothing wrong with that. They are still human and their rights are not as different as ours who are able to publicly say which party we are going to vote for.

Twitter went in to flames after Makhadzi posted that she will be honoring the president's invite and she was even wearing a beautiful dress with the ANC colours. Some of the comments are really uncalled for given that Makhadzi is only making a living for himself just like anybody else. People are too quick to judge others while there is no one judging them of how they provide for their families. Makhadzi is not breaking any law and they must just let her be.

Makhadzi is an entertainer and she is only there to entertain the crowds. Some other people are saying that Makhadzi is now becoming Shimza number two while some are saying that they are no longer her fans just because she is honoring the invite from the president.

People are such hypocrites. If tables were to turn and they are in Makhadzi's position, they would grab the opportunity without even looking back.

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