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OPINION: The ANC Will Destroy RSA Just Like Their Brother ZANUPF Single Handedly Destroyed Zimbabwe

Preparations to destroy Southern Africa's only hope are at the advanced stage, It wont end well. The ANC will destroy RSA just like their northern brother ZANUPF single handedly destroyed Zimbabwe

It's time for African youth to wake up and play their part, remove all liberation movements from power they have reached their sale by dates. During the struggle for independence Africans had one GOAL to free its natives from colonial chains

Now it's the time to free Africa from incompetent,corrupt & oppressive gvts. #ama2000 must form new political parties, which will replace the existing governing political parties which fought colonialists

These old ones and their movements what they know is to fight, kill, steal, torture nothing else.All Liberation Movements must Fall

The big problem is that Africans so not want to see their leadership doing the right things: whose hands are they shooing away from a man whose plunder of their own country is well documented? Why are they spending so much money hiring and decorating those kombis to protect a fraudster from the law instead of building houses for the elderly people in their communities? We are own worst enemies.

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