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Zimbabwean foreigners are making waves online after doing this to Zanu PF


Zimbabweans are one of the countries whose citizens have been languishing for a long time. As time goes on, the government continues to make things worse for them. There were no jobs, no proper sterilization, and no running water or electricity. It appears that Zimbabweans have become accustomed to it as well. are 0ne1/status/1467045790447194116?s=19 

Zimbabweans were seen lined up for the 50 dollars promised by the government. 

The lines were extremely long, and many people spent the entire day there only to get that 50 dollars. 

It's amazing that when it comes to giving gifts, Zimbabweans will go all out, but when it comes to voting, they don't even bother to attempt. 

This demonstrates that they are aware of the Zanu pF's responsibilities and have blinded them with their gifts. 

Zimbabweans claimed that the reason they aren't interested in voting isn't because they are aware of their situation, but because they know that no matter how many people turn out to vote, the results would be rigged and Zanu PF will win by the end of the day. 

As a result, a large number of people are currently not wasting their time casting a ballot. 

Regardless, how much longer can Zimbabweans take this? 

If they don't have to fight Zanu PF, who will fight for them? 

Which means they will continue to live under the oppression of the Zanu PF for the rest of their life because they are afraid of retaliation. 

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Source: are 0ne1/status/1467045790447194116?s=19

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