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When the ANC is on a campaign mode they are unstoppable

When the ANC is on a campaign mode they are unstoppable. You'd swear they are not a corrupt party, they're able to sell ice to an Eskimo. We can say what you want to say about them but they are able to do the ground work, be with the people and very accessible. Those party's who want to unseat the ANC must work very hard on the ground and also supply food parcels as a cherry on top, but seriously the ANC is with the people I don't know if filling stadiums and making noise will remove the ANC no matter how much I want them goneTo those who have deep emotional relationship with the ANC, the leader of society, I urge you to please try to "undeny" the fact that the big church is undeniably, the home of "alleged" murderers and corruptocrats! 

The President has already said the ANC is accused number One in criminality and in fact he seems to be correct. Either it's leaders are in courts for one criminal charge or another, exposed to be "allegedly" involved in crime by the Zondo Commission or are named as such by the Public ProtectorBy acknowledging these problems in your romantic relationship, offers you the opportunity to either fix the problem you deny exists, or you will liberate yourself from your continued and unending emotional trauma. Ignoring the fact that you have a problem, only prolongs your pain. Attempting to resolve it may be a worthwhile exercise. Being indifferent makes you an accessory to your self induced problem! Difficult as it may seem, in the end, the choice is ultimately YOURSAlways remember, the choices you make today, have a bearing on the future of your children and their children. Comrade, this pandemic of blind loyalty is more dangerous than covid 19. At least with covid one can take a vaccine to control its effects on a individual. But blind loyalty turns a educated person into it because you try to convince yourself that it is not happening. Evedince of the inefficiency is all over to an extent that the ANC is admitting but strange enough you still believe that it doesn't exist. We really need to liberate our minds and do the paradigm shifts, before we can liberate this country from the debt of liberation struggle syndrome

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