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Zimbabwean Official Exposed For Taking Bribes To Sign Off On Documents At The Border

Bribery corruption caught on camera, Zimbabwe just like many cou tries is now the home of corruption. You can see by the way that he's acting that he doesn't care at all about the implications or the consequences that are gonna follow, because he can be seen writing on a very small note and it seems like he has a lot of those pieces of papers cut up and laid upon his Desk.

He is signing how much he wants from every individual and then slided the note it into the passport and hands it over before signing over the other papers, he then wait for the person to give him the money after which he slides it under his books and then signs over the papers which is seriously concerning.

It is difficult to deal with corruption when it starts from the leadership, nobody has an appetite in the regime to fight it head on. Right now the country is experiencing record highs of hyperinflation which have really devastated the economy in many ways, and that is why they are in such a situation basically pleading and trying to find ways to escape this tragedy that they are going through.

Nothing gets done without bribes in government offices these days, life has become very tough for the common person in Zimbabwe and that is why you see them flooding into neighbouring countries in order to look for greener pastures because the situation has definitely gotten bad many people are suffering and those who work at least get to get by but they are also in a tough situation.

To us who knows the importance of this Zimra officer when you reach that stage of your passport being banned for 5 years because you overstayed in a foreign land and only to try to return back to Zimbabwe, but then they give them a very hard time because they're under the impression that they are unlawful citizens in the country so they're not supposed to come back in a way they are dumping their own citizens in foreign countries.

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