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Did President Ramaphosa Mislead South Africans For Almost 2 Years? See Details Here.

It is almost two years since the Covid-19 break out. By now things should be going back to normal. However, this is not the case as the virus keeps mutating and the government consider making the vaccine mandatory. 

During the last family meeting, President Ramaphosa announced that they were considering making the vaccine mandatory. Under this regulation, people who are not vaccinated would not be allowed to enter public businesses because the virus thrives inside buildings. What's more bothersome to the government is the fact that the masks and sanitizing might not offer much protection. 

This announcement has gotten tongues wagging. One tweep by the name of Thulani Skosana asked an important question. @Thulani - So the masks,sanitising that's done before entering any indoor facility is for what kahlehle?if those measures offer no "protection" why were they relied on in the 1st place and they still considered as useful tools even during the latest #FamilyMeeting on Sunday?

For some people, the announcement of such as regulation has motivated the statement from the President that masks and sanitizing before entering the building may not offer protection. @Semuath2 - clearly they're using this tactic to pressurise the unvaxxed and the antivaxxers, cause if sanitised at the door, and wearing mask while indoors has been a protective measure all along, then why is it suddenly not working now for the unvaxxed. No sense at all. 

Indeed it does not make sense why these masks ans sanitizers have been used for protection all along and suddenly cannot be trusted anymore. Perhaps the government is playing tricks on us to all get vaccinated or has probably been misleading us for the almost two years now.

On the other side however, it could be true that these measures may not be much of protection. For example, in a restaurant people take off their masks to eat, sometimes do so while talking. Imagine one person who has the virus coughs or releases the virus into the restaurant air somehow. People there are likely to get the virus easier considering that there's probably not enough ventilation. 

Secondly, not everyone wants to wear their masks. Imagine the person who refuses to wear the mask has the virus and they are in a closed building. Wearing your mask and sanitizing might not save you because you can still get the virus through your eyes and ears. 

Do you think the President said this only to get more people to vaccinate or could be telling the truth that masks and sanitizing might not offer all the protection we need? Share your comments down below.,of%20transmission%20mechanism%20could%20occur.%E2%80%9D

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