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Malema Surely Regrets Saying SA Borders Must Open:See how Many Votes He Got At the Elections/pinion


Elections results are out and and things are not looking good for EFF they are losing in every province .It makes people wonder how because Malema has so many supporters and many people filled up his manifestos even on social media many people were saying they are going to vote for him .So what happened to those people when it came to voting .

South Africans are saying that they will never vote for someone who wants to open SA borders and allow all Africans to come here .That was Malema's biggest mistake and now he must surely regret it because he lost too many votes because of that.

Also many foreigners like Malema and during those manifestos of his it was mainly foreigners who attended them but unfortunately foreigners are not allowed to vote .

Malema party is also made up of the youth and many youth's hardly registered to vote , we all know how they can be irresponsible sometimes While others were voting yesterday most of them were chilling at home and not even thinking about voting .Thats what led to Malema losing so badly , next time he must rethink his strategies if he wants to win.

As along as Malema doesn't change as still wants borders to open and doesnt prioritize South African first he will never win any election , he will only win on twitter and social media .Even Action SA did better than him a party that is only one year old .

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