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Fun Fact: Here's The Original Name Of The ANC Before It Was Changed

As everyone probably knows by now, the ANC was founded back in 1912 by John Langalibalele Dube, Pixley ka Isaka Seme and Sol Plaatje on the 8th of January in Free State, Blomfontein.

The party was founded as the first black party to fight for the rights of blacks against the oppressive apartheid government. It was founded during a time when it was illegal for blacks to launch an political movement, so those 3 individuals risked their lives for the betterment of blacks, indians and coloureds.

Believe it or not, the ANC that you know today wasn't founded originally as the African National Congress(ANC)....the party was founded as the South African Native National Congress (SANNC).

It took the party over 11 years for it to change the name to simply ANC back around 1923. The reason for the change wasn't stated but if we're to take a perfect guess, it would probably be that the initial name was a bit longer, so the founders needed to come up with a name that was easily pronunciable to most people.

When the ANC launched, it was a movement to liberate the oppressed but unfortunately, looking at the situation now, it seems like the ANC never had plans to move the country forward after it assumed power in 1994.

It has sadly turned into a corrupt movement that only cares to fill its members pockets. Under the ANC, the country has completely deteriorated to junk status, unemployment is at an all time high, industrial sector has diminished and so many other negatives we can list the whole day.



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