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Ramaphosa ask the United Nations to help Zimbabwe

Despite the massive corruption which the former president Robert Mugabe said they are siphoning more than $4 billion a year through diamond, gold, cigarettes smuggling as well as flouted tenders and other unnecessary government expenditure.

The gross human violation including deploying the military and shooting civilians in the streets. Shrinking media space and molesting of basic human rights as well as invasion of private property.

The gross incompetence has allowed the once African Basket to collapse thereby flooding neighboring countries with migrants.

Despite all these challenges, Ramaphosa is following the failed strategy of Mbeki and Zuma of trying to persuade the international community to drop sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Instead of focusing on improving the rule of law and democratic space so that Zimbabwe can stay in Zimbabwe and build their country.

President Ramaphosa is once again repeating the same diplomatic mistake that failed to work in the last 20 years.

Zimbabwean problem is simple if your neighbor is bashing his wife and the community shuns him. You don't tell the community to love him regardless of his weakness rather you make sure that he repents or else.

Addressing the United Nations Today, president Ramaphosa asked the international community to drop sanctions on Zimbabwe and help the struggling nation.

But he never mentions the reasons why millions of Zimbabweans have left the country into neighboring countries.


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