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Herman Mashaba finally Breaks his silence about foreigners in South Africa and how to deal with them

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Samtseu, Herman From South Africa, Philip Mashaba is a politician and businessman. He also serves as the president of ActionSA, a political party he created on August 29, 2020. He served as Mayor of Johannesburg between 2016 and 2019. He founded Black Like Me, a company that distributes hair care products. 

Herman Mashaba is one of the leaders that appears concerned about the condition of foreigners in Mzansi, but he does not want the issue to be handled harshly. As a result of the operation Dudula vigilantes sneaking up on illegal aliens in Alexandra four days ago, he has been all over the press. 

Mashaba then broke the silence and pleaded with Operation Dudula to stop fighting foreigners, claiming that their real opponent is the anc and their bogus laws. He remarked, "Never forget that the ANC bears sole responsibility for the country's systemic inability to restrict immigration." "That is the person or thing at whom we need to unleash our fury," Mashaba said. 

He went on to say that the problem is with the country's borders, stating that the African National Congress takes money by ostensibly upgrading obstacles that are readily breached by outsiders. 

So, Mashaba was up late last night watching the news, and he seemed enraged by the fact that an ANC member was on television with Newsroom Africa's news reporters. The ANC member was arguing that they couldn't restrict foreigners from living in South Africa since it was against the law, but he didn't specify which statute. Mashaba seemed enraged by the fact that this ANC member was on the broadcast. 

Mashaba traveled to South Africa to warn the country's citizens about the need for caution in the face of the present immigration situation. He came to South Africa to warn locals that they should be on the watch for illegal immigrants, as the problem was exacerbated by the ANC's failure to police the regulations. 

"In the face of the narrative that South Africa has an African immigration problem, it is critical that we remain vigilant. According to Mashaba, our current administration's incapacity to carry out its obligation of enforcing existing laws has resulted in an international immigration problem. 

According to Mashaba, South Africans must first struggle with the ANC in order to be able to apply the laws, and illegal aliens will be deported only after that. 


The African National Congress (ANC) has said that foreigners will be allowed to live in South Africa. Because the ANC has stated that foreigners will not be prohibited from remaining in South Africa, foreigners will remain in the country until the next national elections. Source:

Sources :



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