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President Cyril Ramaphosa Was The First To Call The Phoenix Shooters Heroes — See Video

A video showing on YouTube and on Twitter actually revealed that it was president Cyril Ramaphosa who first called the Shooters Heroes. He said that they were heroes for defending their businesses and boycotted talking about those who were allegedly killed in the shooting by some suspected Indian vigilantes. After the Democratic Alliance erected a billboard calling the Indians heroes, journalists went to interview John Steenhuisen. The man said that they only borrowed the words from president Cyril Ramaphosa, saying that he also called the Shooters Heroes. By this statement, John Steenhuisen had indirectly implicated president Cyril Ramaphosa because some South Africans are already saying that it was president Cyril Ramaphosa that sold them to white racists and Indians. However, president Cyril Ramaphosa and his spokespersons are yet to make any statement regarding this weighty accusation.

In the now viral video, president Cyril Ramaphosa could be seen and heard praising the vigilantes for defending the businesses. He was indirectly praising them for their actions. After watching the video, a South African youth said that indeed, South Africans are attacking John Steenhuisen for nothing, declaring that there are no difference between what president Cyril Ramaphosa said and what John Steenhuisen said. He said, “I still don’t understand how what @jsteenhuisen said is a problem but what @CyrilRamaphosa isn’t. Moreover, Cyril said this during the looting”. But a follower of President Cyril Ramaphosa have another opinion. He said that president Cyril Ramaphosa was talking about the entire South Africans and not the Phoenix Shooters. He argued that John Steenhuisen was trying to play smart by changing the context for which president Ramaphosa used the term heroes.

Adding to this statement above, another social media user defended Ramaphosa, saying that what the president was talking about was entirely different from what John Steenhuisen was trying to depict. He again said, “There’s different between what Ramaphosa said and what steenhuisen said … Ramaphosa was talking about all South Africans who protected the malls and steenhuisen was talking about people in Phoenix; hence the banner is on Phoenix. In my community we defended our malls, but did we kill anyone? What matters here is the Context”.

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