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ANC Members Get Attacked By Community Members As They Ask For Votes


The video footage shows an incident where two women from a township are busy fighting African National Congress members who had come to their town to campaign, and it seems like they set up a desk and chairs in order to sit and address to community members.

On the other hand they were playing music really loud and they were also using a microphone and a speaker to make a lot of noise for community members, but we should also remember that the people have not been happy with the African National Congress members for a very long time and this is why they resorted to such actions.

We saw the community members overturning the desk where the ANC members were sitting and they proceeded to assault them because they didn't like the fact that they were there, when members of the public are always complaining about how hard it is for them to survive in this current economic state they are also suffering and they want to leave the suffering behind and live fulfilling lives.

Some people have taken to social measure in order to comment on this incident where ANC officials were fighting with two women, some people are agreeing with the women who beat up the ANC members because they do not like the fact that most of the time people vote for the ANC but they do not see the results of their votes.

The political members are caught up in corrupt activities where they end up taking the money that they are supposed to be using on the community as well as community members, and then they proceeded to use it for their own interests.

However we also saw the men fighting back at the women and the community members did not like that one bit, violence against women is not allowed in this country.

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