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OPINION| Hopewell Chin'ono is More Than a Journalist

Dear Varakashi, phoning me whilst blocking your numbers and threatening me that I will be arrested and jailed for merely doing my journalism work will NEVER instill fear in me. I am not scared of being jailed for doing my professional work which is protected by the constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe, try something else ~ Hopewell

Daddy hope you are not just a journalist you are way more than that , you are simply one of the greatest advocates like (malcolm X) you fear nothing whatsoever and I really like that coz you shows us the right path to walk, you enlightened us and give the knowledge that we didn't have, now we know where we are coming from and where we are going because you keep on teaching us 

You enlightened most Zimbabweans particularly the youths now we know how cruel is our government, you are the only journalist who addresses the elephant and the donkey in the room. It's been too long for our government making empty promises and proclamation, its normal for them to dismiss constitution and declaration. Normal for them to think about next elections than next generation, they are many folks in our country particularly the youths who have brilliant ideas but their voices are not heard, some their voice are shut, some they don't have guts to say like you.

Daddy hope l like you, you are my inspiration you play a very important role actually you are making a major impact in out lives and keep on leave those foot prints before you leave. Keep on making those thieves feel uncomfortable show them the path and the light as well, teach them what is the meaning of life, life is to love each other. No one will arrest you. Down with dictatorship down, down with mandalas down. Our grandfathers are not supposed to lead us we need youth leadership in Africa

Hopewell is a true Zimbabwean and son of the soil, never look back the winds of change are blowing towards Zimbabwe they will threaten or arrest him for exposing them but that will never change him. Can they just stop looting if they want to see that Hopewell is not a threat to them but a Zimbabwean who if fighting for everyone

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