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Who Is Sibongile Winifred Dlamini, Goodwill Zwelithini’s First Wife? See here

King Goodwill Zwelithini had six wives before passing died in March 2021 after ruling the Zulu kingdom for more than five decades. He married Sibongile Winifred Dlamini before succeeding to the throne, as it was conventional for an unmarried man to be unable to aspire to the throne. Following the king's death, the royal family is divided on who should succeed him. Queen Sibongile Winifred, the late king's first wife, has questioned the constitutionality of the late monarch's will in the succession fight. The late Queen Mantfombi Dlamini Zulu, the king's third wife, was named queen regent in King Goodwill's will, which was made public after his death.

Sibongile Winifred Dlamini

She was given the authority to name the Zulu nation's next leader as a result of her position. She named her son, Misuzulu Zulu, the new monarch of the Amazulu kingdom before she died. Misuzulu Zulu is also the eldest son who has survived. Queen Sibongile Winifred Dlamini has expressed her displeasure with the development, claiming to be the late king's only rightful wife and seeking not only the throne but also half of his possessions.

Quick Profile Summary Of Sibongile Winifred Dlamini

  • Name: Sibongile Winifred Dlamini Zwelithini
  • Nationality: South African
  • Spouse: Late King Goodwill Zwelithini
  • Number of Children: 5
  • Position: 1st Wife

According To Sibongile, She Was Abducted To Marry The Late King

The early life of late King Goodwill Zwelithini's first queen, Sibongile Winifred Dlamini, is unknown. She released a 35-page statement claiming she was abducted (ukuthwala) to marry the late king in an attempt to prove she is the real successor to the throne.

Sibongile Winifred Dlamini

According to her, the late monarch and his brother-in-law, Prince Klaas Mahlangu, picked her up from school in September 1961 and drove her to the KwaKhethomthandayo Palace in Nongoma. She was compelled to marry the late King Goodwill when she was 20 years old. Ukuthwala was legal at the time and followed the Zulu nation's set rules. A woman may be fetched from her house or wherever she was for the sole purpose of entering a traditional marriage.

It's easy to extrapolate from her affidavit that she married at the age of 20 while still in school. King Goodwill was anointed King of the Zulu country about 7 years after their marriage. Their wedding took held at Nongoma's St Margaret's Church.

The Marriage Between King Zwelithini and Queen Sibongile Winifred Dlamini Was Blessed With 5 Children

As evidenced by the late King Goodwill, who married six wives and had 28 children, polygamy's most evident outcome is having a large number of offspring. Only five of his 28 children were born from his first marriage.

Prince Lethukuthula Zulu, their firstborn son and the king's eldest son, was born in 1970, but sadly, he died in 2020 at the age of 50. After his body was discovered lifeless in the Graceland residential complex in Northwold, Johannesburg, a murder investigation was launched.

There were rumors that when he died, the royal family lost a potential heir apparent to the throne, but this was quickly debunked by Inkosi Mandla Mkhwanazi, the head of the Mkhwanazi Tribal Authority in KwaDlangezwa, who told City Press that the royal family had not yet put forward anyone as the heir.

Princess Nombuso Zulu, Sibongile Winifred Zwelithini's second child, was born in 1973 and runs a thriving catering business in Durban named Ilembe Catering Services. Ntombizosuthu Ka Zwelithini Duma, her younger sister, was born six years after she was. Ntombizosuthu, like Princess Nombuso, is a successful entrepreneur. With her business partner, Mbongiseni Duma, she owns Persuasions and Zamalwandle Transport Logistics.

Princess Ntandoyenkosi Ka Zwelithini Ngcaweni, the fourth child, was born in 1982. Busani Ngcaweni, the Deputy Director-General of the Presidency and former Deputy President's Chief of Staff, is her husband. Ntandoyenkosi works for the Public Investment Corporation as an asset manager (PIC).

Princess Sinethemba Bati Zulu, the youngest child, was born in 1989 and was rumored to be studying International Relations at the University of Witwatersrand. Queen Winifred Dlamini should be proud of the women her daughters have become, despite the loss of her first and only son.

Why Sibongile Dlamini Is Demanding For 50% Of The Late King’s Assets

Following the king's death, the Zulu royal dynasty had a host of problems. The first was the untimely death of the King's magnificent wife, Queen Mantfombi Dlamini, who had been appointed Regent and tasked with finding a new king during the late monarch's grieving period, just a few weeks after his death.

Following her death on April 29, 2021, it was discovered that she had named her son, Misuzulu Zulu, as the heir to the throne at a public hearing on May 7, 2021. The proclamation was met with fierce opposition by Queen Sibongile's daughters, Princess Ntandoyenkosi and Princess Ntombizosuthu, who even questioned the legality of the king's will, claiming that their father's signature had been forged.

The Queen took up the fight for the throne and the late king's fortune on her own. In her 35-page declaration, she asserted that she was married under South African civil marriage law, which includes a community of property and prohibits polygamy, whereas other women were married in a traditional marriage. She claims that because they jointly owned everything, she has the right to own 50% of the late king's assets, with the remaining 50% distributed among the other wives.

Her Demand Is Perceived Publicly As Sheer Greed

King Misuzulu kaZwelithini stays steady as Sibongile Winifred Dlamini demands half of the late Zulu king's inheritance and her daughters demand that the king's will be declared null and invalid due to fraud. He has countersued, claiming that his father's civil marriage to Sibongile is null and void.

The Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, Buthelezi, also submitted an affidavit claiming that Queen Sibongile Dlamini cannot just "wish away" the other wives. In response to Buthelezi's assertions, the Queen and her daughters pleaded with Buthelezi not to get involved in the problem, underlining that he lacked legal authority to do so. The queen, whose request was slammed as haughty, insisted that he was not to blame and that the guilt should be shifted to other spouses who married a married man.

If the court grants Queen Sibongile Winifred Dlamini's plea and recognizes her marriage as the only true one, it will disinherit the king's other children, including King Misuzulu Zulu kaZwelithini, the present monarch of the Amazulu kingdom.

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